I mentioned last week in this post, that I did a little rug rearranging around here. 
Let me introduce you to the newest addition to the family room.....

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I had the family room 
(+ the kitchen, dining room and foyer) repainted.  
The family room is now BM Seashell.  
I was craving a more neutral feel.
I switched out the colorful drapes for something a little more simple. 
I just cut a drop cloth in half, hemmed them with hem tape and clipped them up with rings. 
They work fine for now.

I'm itching to add some more navy to the room.  I have my eye on a few pillows from etsy.

I love the rich, vibrant colors in this rug.  It looks red and a tad purple in these photos, 
but it is definitely more of a burnt orange and navy.

I removed the skirted slipcover from the ottoman. 
The cream fabric that was underneath won't be safe for long.  
I'll have to come up with Plan "B" soon. 
I'd love to add an old wooden trunk as a coffee table, but the kids (and Willee) 
love using the ottoman as extra seating.

I added a bit more green back into the room also.  Every room needs a little green.

The new 9x12 size works much better than the previous 8x10 West Elm rug that was in here. 
This rug screams cozy to me.  While I'm definitely not looking forward to winter, 
I can't way to get a fire going and curl up on the couch with a good book. 

I got the rug from nycrugs on ebay.  This was my first time buying from this seller.  
The rug was a fair price and shipped quickly.
It was listed as new with tags.  I noticed a small stain on it once we unwrapped and unrolled it.  
I emailed the seller right away and sent a pictures.
It wasn't a big enough deal to pack it up and send it back. 
They ended up crediting me $100.

The other ebay seller I have bought from several times is newyorkruggallery.
I know buying a large rug, sight unseen, is not for everyone.
But so far, I have been very pleased with all my on-line rug purchases.

UPDATE:  I can see comments that are posted on my blog, but they are not coming to my email.  
I have tried everything I can to troubleshoot the problem and have gotten nowhere.  
I normally like to respond to comments via email, but for now, I will just reply to the comments. 
Sorry!  I promise I haven't been ignoring you if you commented. 



It is about time to do another clear out around here.  
I had a big tag sale back in the winter and it sure felt good to get rid 
of some of the things I'd been hoarding hanging on to.

I have a few more things I need to part with.

What do you know, I've changed my mind once again about a rug in our home.  
I know, you're shocked!

I decided that the West Elm Jute Chenille Rug 
(which I still love) was a tad too small for the family room.

I started my rug hunt back in the summer.  Nothing was really jumping out at me. 
9x12 rugs aren't necessarily easy to find.
I finally settled on a traditional rug I found on Ebay.
A post about it coming up next week.

The West Elm rug moved to "The Nook" off the kitchen.  Its perfect there. 
That leaves me with one extra rug.
This one......

Here's a better picture of it (when "The Nook" was the dining room).

It is approximately 8.5' x 10.5'.  
Price: $150 - SOLD
  Local pick-up only.

Once I did the rug rearranging, I needed to do some window treatment rearranging.
You know how it goes, you give a mouse a cookie......

I ended up taking down the drapes I had in the family room. 
They were made using this Latika Festival Fabric.
I will show you what I temporarily replaced them with next week.

I have a set of two dummy panels.  They are approximate 20" wide x 96" long.
They are pinch pleated and include drapery pins.
Price: $100/pair + shipping - SOLD

I also have three (3) double rolls of Schumacher grass cloth wallpaper. 
It's a coral/orange color and it's gorgeous.  
I had plans to use it in our office/den, but I decided to go a different direction.
I am having a hart time parting with it.

Price: $40/double roll or $100 for all three (3) + shipping

Lastly, I have six Ballard Herringbone Burlap Panels for sale.

Four of them are 96" in length and the other two are 108" in length.
They are new and still in the package. 
These were going to be used in a client project and we changed our minds.
They retail for $99 (96") and $119 (108")
Price: $50/panel + shipping 

Please let me know if you are interested in any of these items.
You can contact me here.
If sold, I will update this post.



Lately my days have been filled with design work and PTO duties. 
All work and no play is makes for a long week. 
So I usually try to make time for lunch with a friend or a little window shopping.

A couple weeks ago, I got lucky and went to lunch two days in a row with two good friends. 
After lunch, we stopped in a a few of our favorite spots. 

Homegoods is always full of fun surprises. I only stop in there about once a month.
I love that their inventory is always fresh.

Another place I love to pop into from time to time is Tuesday Morning. 
You never know what you might find.  
On this particular day, the rug selection was great. 

My favorite place to window shop is High Street Market.
I love just about everything in the store.
They just expanded and now carry a nice selection of furniture upstairs.

 Do these look familiar?  
They are framed pages from this book.  
I have a few framed in my home. 
I bought the book at Quince and Quinn (another of my favorite window shopping spots).
These were $89 each at High Street Market. 

They had quite a few needlepoints to choose from.  I am a sucker for a good needlepoint.

Their pillow selection is amazing.  
Speaking from experience, if your kids wipe their dirty hands on your pillows, 
a $200 pillow is not a good idea. 

This table stopped me in my tracks.  

This burled wood quarter foil side table got my attention too. 

These restoration hardware looking metal and glass cabinets 
would make great display cases for a collection.

Clearly I had coffee tables on my radar that day. 

This brass number was my favorite.  Looks pretty indestructible too.  
A requirement for a coffee table in our home.



A couple of weekends ago, we traveled to my hometown of Morganfield, Kentucky. 
We made the trip to attend the wedding of my beautiful cousin, Kailin. 
We also managed to squeeze in my nephew's birthday party, 
the local high school football game and a day at annual Corn Festival.  
It was a jammed packed, fun filled, memory making kind of weekend. 

My favorite part was getting to see this amazing couple begin their journey as husband and wife. 
I already mentioned that Kailin is beautiful - 
like, jaw dropping, stops you in your tracks kind of beautiful. 
And she has the personality to match. 
Here are a few of my favorite photos from her wedding day. 

All photos were taken by Rachel Houser of Rachel Houser Photography

I mean, seriously, how sweet are these two. 

May aunt and uncle, parents of the bride, are responsible for the fabulous decorations. 
They are one talented couple. 

We are blessed to have been able to be a part of their magical day.

Switching gears:
Thank you to all who entered the $100 Staples Gift Card Giveaway.
The winner is Sarah from 702 Park Project.

I know my posts have been quite sporadic. 
I appreciate you hanging in there with me. 
I have another fun giveaway coming up next week.



As a married couple, we have only lived in two houses.  Our first house did not have a pantry. 
I was determined to fit a pantry into the redesign of our current home. 
I gave you a peek inside the pantry here.

I had a grand scheme to makeover our pantry ever since we moved in.  
And then I came across this image.  
I quickly realized that a makeover was not needed after all -
Just some pretty baskets and a little organization.

Better Homes and Gardens

Staples contacted me a few months ago 
to see if I would be interested in partnering with them on an office makeover.  
Since our office was not in line for a makeover, I decided to finally tackle the pantry.

Clearly, my photos aren't quite magazine quality, 
but I accomplished the look I was going for and finally got things organized in there. 

I ordered these Anchor Hocking one gallon glass jars to store snacks, rice, pasta and coffee.

I also ordered ten of these plastic woven wicker baskets.  
They are great for food storage.   If there is a spill, you can just rinse them out. 
I also ordered several different types of Martha Stewart chalkboard labels to add to the jars. 

Now for the fun part.  In addition to supplying the items used to organize my pantry, 
Staples has graciously offered a $100 Staples Gift Card to one of my readers. 
(limited to US residents only)

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment letting me know
which room in your home you would like to get organized.

The giveaway is open to all US residents until 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, September 30, 2014. 



Back in the Spring, the sweetest woman, Anne, contacted me about making some changes in the home she shares with her husband and six kids. You read that correctly, six kids. 
They had two biological children and they ended up adopting four more children from China. 
They are one amazing family!
 You can read more about their story herehere and here.

Since they added so much "life" to their family, they really wanted to add some life to their home. 
My main objective was to add some much needed color to the family room and foyer.

Here was our plan..... 

We started here......

And now.......

The drapes were custom made and really bring "life" to the family room.

The bookcase from Ballard added storage and display space to the kitchen area. 

This is how the foyer looked before....

And now, after adding cherished family photos and the thin console that was in the kitchen 
(now painted BM Hale Navy).

We also added the rug to bring even more color into the foyer. 

The dining room gets a ton of use in this house.  The kids use it as their homework station.
We made a few simple changes in here.

This is where we started......

Walls were painted BM Hale Navy.
We added some original art from China, a gorgeous card catalog/buffet and some simple lamps.

Why oh why do builders insist on putting thermostats right smack dab in the middle of a wall?

We added some square frames with oversize linen mats to help disguise the thermostat. 
Pictures from their travels to China will fill the frames. 

I purchased these gorgeous drapes from an estate sale.  The worked perfectly in this space.

I was in a hurry on the final install day 
and I wasn't able to take as many photos as I would have liked. 
I plan on stopping by soon to take a few more.  I will share them soon.

Now that we are well into our back to school routine, I am busy again working.
It seems like people always want to take on decorating projects right before the holidays. 
I know it's only August, but my upholsterer/seamstress is already booked out to mid-October.  

If you are interested in working together to create a unique and inviting space in your home, 
feel free to contact me here

A huge thanks to Anne (and her amazing family) 
for allowing me to help create a space that truly reflects their personalities.