Sorry I fell of the grid again.  I always appreciate when readers email me to make sure I'm okay.  
Just had a case of "too much on my plate".  
We went to Mexico last week for Spring Break.  
Going away for a week and trying to wrap up all the loose ends before leaving makes me a little crazy!

We are home again and back in our routines.  
A grand time was had by all.  I'll share some pictures later this week.  

Now, onto the bar cart in the bedroom.....

 I found this little gem in a thrift shop a few months ago.  It was $7.50.
I snagged it right up.

It's quite imperfect, which is perfect for me. 

I moved it around the house for a while trying to find the best spot for it. 
Turns out the best spot for the bar car happens to be my eleven year old daughter's room.

Oh, and I got this fabulous lamp last week at Goodwill for $3.00. Already had the shade. 
I went in to drop off the leftovers from my tag sale (more on that later too).
When I am within a half mile of a thrift store, I can't help but pop it. 
So clearly it makes sense that I would drop off a ton of stuff I don't need and
then buy more stuff I don't need.  I've got problems, people. 

Clearly this bar cart is not stocked with liquor and glassware. 

 Just a few essentials for a little tween girl - 
a bible,  a devotional, pretty flowers, books, souvenirs, and a picture of friends. 

The perfect spot for an imperfect piece. 

For now, anyway.  Who knows where it will end up.
Did I mention I have problems?

So tell me.  Could you, would you, put a bar cart in your child's room?



I have been on an "Out and About" spree lately.  Mostly, shopping for clients.  
It's always nice to spend other people's money!  My husband whole heartedly agrees. 

Here are a few things that caught my eye.....

This 5x8 dhurrie rug from Homegoods would be perfect just about anywhere. 

Moving onto Home Emporium (one of my favorite stores). 
This rug had my heart going pitter patter.  
I snapped a picture and immediately sent it to a friend.
I knew it would be perfect for her family room.

She agreed!  Here is the rug in its new home.
Isn't it lovely?

I always pause at a good pair of chairs. 
Loved the look of these, but they sit straight up.  Not so comfy. 

This pair was definitely more comfortable and I like the neutral linen upholstery. 

There were several of these leather chairs. Very masculine leather, but the feminine lines are so pretty.

This one is a little more substantial. 
I was digging the distressed leather. 

Pretty glass bottles ($29 each).

I know I have blogged about these poufs before, but they had a whole big pile of them last week.
$99 is a great price too.  They are quite a big bigger than the ones you see at Target.

I don't have a place for these over-dyed patchwork pillows, but I'm a big fan. ($39 each)

This would be SWEET over a pool table.

I was tempted to buy one of these, but couldn't quite figure out what I would use it for.  ($29)

They had several of these large dining tables. I like the look of them, but the wood was very uneven.  
I was picturing many spilled drinks.

This little love seat wasn't the softest, but the lines are pretty and tufting always draws my attention. 

I am always tempted by the beautiful things I see when out and about.
Lately, I have been practicing restraint.
I need to focus on getting rid of some of the beautiful things I already own. 

I am planning to have my "Tag Sale" this Saturday from 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
I will have several lamps, lamp shades, chairs, other furniture, rugs, picture frames, etc. for sale.
I already responded to those who expressed interest in coming, but if you want to stop 
by to take a look, email me here and I will give you more details.

Oh, and speaking of being out and about, my husband and I 
went to a concert on a school night last night, the Southern Soul Assembly.
It was A-MAZING.
I have been to a lot of concerts in my lifetime and this was one of my all time favorites. 
If the show is coming to a city near you, go see it!



Mixing metals is always a great idea.   
I know this used to be frowned upon, but nowadays, it is a big part of a good design.
Silver or brushed nickel was very popular for a while, then oil rubbed bronze took over.
In case you didn't know, brass is back. 
I, for one, sure hope it is here to stay.  

We have mixed metals all over our home, 
but just recently I made a few changes in the master bathroom that include mixing silver and gold.

This Pottery Barn silver towel bar has been here since the mater bathroom renovation 
was done back in 2009. I added the two botanicals in black and gold frames.
I also added the small demilune table that I "rub n' buffed".

There is not a ton of space between the tub and the wall, but the small demilune fits
perfectly and makes for a nice spot to park a glass of wine while taking a bath.

Lastly, I added a silver soap dish and one of my favorite pictures of the kids.
Ah, those sweet little smiles and big fat cheeks.

I don't want to insinuate that silver and bronze are not cool.  
I have plenty of silver, bronze and gold all over my home. 
First, second or third place metals are all winners in my book. 

How about you.  Are you a fan of mixing metals?



No really, just pick a seat.  
There are plenty to choose from. 
I mentioned in this post that I counted the chairs in our home and came up with 37.  
Now, just to clarify, that does included dining chairs and two child size chairs. 

Here is a look at the "chair situation" in our home. 

We have owned this chair for a long time. 
It was originally dark brown wicker and I painted it with BM Kingsport Gray.

I ordred these two swivel/gliders a couple of years ago. 
They are a bit hit with the kids, since they are similar to a merry-go-round.

Still loving these bentwoods that I recovered recently. 

Here is a shot which includes quite a few chairs. 
I picked up the two floral chairs at a consignment shop. 
They work perfectly in "The Nook".

I have four of these vintage school chairs sprinkled around the house. 
One now resides in the foyer. 

My ghost chair was a steal from Craigslist. 

There is a whole lot of chairs going on in here. 
We have the yard sale wingbacks I had reupholstered, 
the wicker and chrome chairs I found on Craiglist 
and the rattan and chrome chairs I got from an estate sale. 
Mixed together, they make one big happy chair family.

The black Eames chair I found at an outdoor antique show is still residing in the office.

These two beauties, which also came from an estate sale are currently living in the basement. 
I love these chairs, but I still don't have a place for them.  Might have to get rid of them soon.

Moving upstairs, the boys have two red tolix-like chairs in their room. 
They came from Kroger, of all places. 

Another vintage school chair fits right in at my daughter's desk.

This chair was another thrift store find that I painted and had reupholstered. 

Lastly, this thrift store find makeover in our master bedroom.

Full disclosure, there are a few more chairs living in chair/lamp purgatory the basement 
and four more on the third floor. 
I also have quite a few barstools, lamps, frames and art that I need to let go of. 
I'm thinking of having a tag sale soon. 
Not to be confused with a yard/garage sale.  
I've done that before and the last time, I vowed never to do it again. 
If you are local and would be interested in coming to the tag sale, send me an email here.
Date and time TBD. 

Thank you so much for being loyal readers and I hope you have a fabulous weekend.
For some reason, my husband has decided he really wants to take the kids to the circus this weekend. 
I volunteered to stay home and get our taxes together.  The lesser of two evils, in my opinion.



I kind of fell off the grid, didn't I?
Actually, I was just breaking in my new passport.  

I took a little trip down to Jamaica, with this guy!

The weather was warm and the drinks were cold. 
What more can you ask for.

I love my children dearly, but getting away to unwind and relax makes me a better mother.
 I normally come back from a childless vacation ready to take on the world 
(well, after a week of re-cooperating).
It's hard to reenter the "real world" after "not having a care in the world". 

This is me "not having a care in the world".
Gosh that sure felt good!

  Back to reality.
My days have been filled to the brim lately.
I have been working like crazy on e-designs and local client projects.
 I am looking forward to sharing more soon.

Oh, I also did a quick count of chairs in my home and I came up with 37.
Only seven of those are being stored in the basement. Yikes!
I snapped some pictures yesterday and I'll give you a glimpse of my chair hoarding this week.



I finally got around to adding some art to the empty frames in the newly painted powder room.

I used two of these paper place mats.
I bought the "Dining Chairs" CAKE Kitchen Papers at Lolli's in Mariemont, OH.
If you live in the Cincinnati area, check it out.  Such a cute store.

This quick little project took a total of five minutes.

 I couldn't find a link to the Kitchen papers I bought there, 
I did find some other great options here.

Hester and Cook also sells some fabulous chair paper products.
Here are a few of my favorites.

All these beautiful chairs got me thinking about my love of chairs.  
I started to count, in my head, how many chairs we have in our home.  I quickly lost count.  
Clearly, my chair collection deserves its own post. 
I'll get to work on it right away.

Hope your week is off to a great start.  
I survived a sleepover with four 10 year old boys this weekend. 
I'm pretty sure today is going to be a breeze!